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This initiative, Artisans in Architecture (AinA), aims to strengthen and carry forward vernacular building practices in different states of India. India has a rich tradition of building systems that are not only great socio-cultural expressions of various communities and regions but very appropriate solutions for local climate and natural resources, based on more healthier symbiotic relationship with ecology. Local artisans are usually the lead knowledge keepers and practitioners of these building systems. These building systems have performed extremely well in natural disasters also. In the past few years of our work in post-disaster reconstruction, we have found that a large majority of the surviving buildings are old buildings that have not been ‘adulterated’ with additions or alterations with modern materials. However, frozen in time after the onslaught of modern concrete, glass and aluminum based industrial systems of construction, the traditional vernacular systems have lost their place of pride in our rural and urban built environment. Traditional artisans impacted by the new developments are struggling to survive. This may have resulted in loss of many active building practices.

Under the AinA initiative, we hope to document traditional knowledge and wisdom, with regards to various building materials, technologies and design ideas that made vernacular architecture so rich and vibrant, to be able to apply them in the present context. Therefore this documentation makes efforts to incorporate the learning of the past and validate these with the scientific rigour of modern methods. These technologies will be documented by various participants in this initiative and then reviewed by experts. Currently we are in process of first round of documentation. But soon we will be able to put information on technologies here. If you too are involved in such a process or feel inclined to be involved, do get in touch and send us a mail.

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The collaborating partners are as follows.

Government Organizations
Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority

Academic Institutions
CEPT University, Ahmedabad

Professional and Civil Society Organizations
Hunnarshala Foundation
'People in Centre' Consulting
National Centre for People's Action for Disaster Preparedness (NCPDP)
BuildAur, Auroville

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